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About Us
The executive team of Helmet to Techhats (H2T) consists of distinguished military personnel (retired) and corporate executives.  Underlying our core business principles and strategies is a strong commitment to America’s untapped resources including veterans (students and retirees) and the establishment of technology and business solution centers.
Helmets to Techhats staff has a strong history of providing Information Technology services ranging from IT Process, Methodology, Application Development Solutions and IT Staffing Services.   As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business partner, At H2T, we are a Diversity Supplier partner committed to achieving equality of opportunity both as an employer and as a provider of services.  
H2T's programs are continuously being updated and developed in conjunction with the evolving diversity programs of our customer base. These programs are reflected in our general recruitment activities as well as our recruiting from Higher Education, Technical and Charter Institutions.
Business Model
Establishment of localized Information Technology centers through partnership with:
  1. Local Colleges/Universities
  2. State and Local Government Agencies
  3. H2T’s exclusive network of Corporate Clients.  
This model has proven to be successful as we are able to train, transition, and provide mentoring for candidates of our program.  H2T's facilities established within colleges/ universities or local office space provides easy access to qualified candidates. H2T's candidates provide an efficient alternative to off-shore outsourcing at competitive prices for our corporate clients leveraging our industry experience, proven management and technical competency with measurable and demonstrable track record.
A brief summary of the benefits for the three entities are as follows:
    • Local Colleges/Universities  - Creative academic opportunities that mature and develop students to face 21st Century challenges by providing real world employment experience, improving employment prospects upon graduation.  Increases colleges/universities recruiting through marketing of H2T’s internship and right to hire model for corporate companies.   Financial opportunities to develop joint training grants with a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business partner.
    •  Community Vision -  Cost-conscious, socially responsible state and federal government agencies promote the implementation of competitive Service Centers leveraging college students and intra-county resources thereby increasing job opportunities to live, earn and buy in the community.
    •  Client Vision – Corporations as value-add stewards to the local community meet social responsibilities i.e. diversity goals, gain corporate public relations,  gain support from tax benefits and available training dollars.  In return they receive  competitive services and rates while reducing off-shore risk, have a consistent stream of trained resources, and can hire qualified candidates for internships and full-time positions
Current Technical and Business Delivery Models
Information Technology Center Services:
  • Quality Control and Testing
  • Release Management / Project Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Monitoring (production support)
Application Delivery Center Services:
  • Application Life Cycle Process Definition and Development
  • Application Maintenance
Business Processing Operations Center Services:
  • Data Entry/ Processing
  • Back Office Accounting
  • Data Quality Analysis
  • Call Centers
Training Center Services:
  • Business Processing Clerical Training
  • Customized Technical Training for Client’s Environment 
Enrollment Qualification
While we are committed to assisting any military personnel and reservists, we need to ensure that the individuals that are selected into H2T’s transition program must meet our requirements and qualifications.  Due to the extensive training and mentoring that is provided to each candidate, this pre-selection process will enable both the candidate and H2T’s team members to evaluate and make the proper decision prior to embarking in the program.  The qualification process includes interviews as well as completion of our Candidate Compatibility Questionnaire* during which we will review the Technical competency and capabilities, Personality and Behavior, Quality and Commitment of the candidate.